21 Wedding Photos Show What Happens When You Pay For A Good Photographer

By: Santo

Everything in the world evolves with time. There’s nothing in this world that has not changed. From appearances to the standards of living everything has changed. Out of a lot of things that have changed wedding photography is a significant dimension. Today the most important role is played by the photographer of the wedding apart from the bride and the groom. This is because it is the photographer who is going to capture all the beautiful moments in his lens for the future. He or she is the one who is going to help the couple to document their special day in a very beautiful manner.

Fearless Awards is an Award Ceremony that awards the top class wedding pictures every two months. This competition is open to all the wedding photographers all over the world so they can submit their top class images and stand a chance to win the grand prize. The objective of this competition is to compile a collection of unique and breathtaking couple photos that is beyond the typical wedding photos. The founder of the Fearless Photographers says that, he founded the Fearless so he can showcase the amazing work of the specialized wedding photographers to the whole world.

Only two out of every 100 are chosen from the submissions as award winning images. BY now there are around 3,100 wedding photographers listed on the site of the Fearless Community. The Fearless Community is a place where everybody get together to educate, share and inspire each other.

These selected pictures from the submissions are truly fascinating as there is a variety of emotions captured in them that one cannot find enough words to describe the beauty in them.

#1. The umbrella mountain. (HENDRA LESMAN)

#2. Just like a celebrity. (JACKI BRUNIQUEL)

#3. The photo bombing expert. (ARTURO RODRIGUEZ)

#4. A father’s love for his daughter. (SAM DOCKER)

#5.The bond between a son and his mother. (VINICIUS FADUL)

#6. Seems like there’s soon going to be another wedding. (YURE RICHARD)

#7. Don’t tell your husband that I am your ex. (ANDREY JULAY)

#8. Wait for me! (PASQUALE MINNITI)

#9. You remember that boy who came after me when we were in high school? (Denise Motz)

#10. Love in the rain. (NAYARA ANDRADE)

#11. I am waiting for my shoes to come to me. (VIRGINIA GIMENO)

#12. A moment beneath the sun. (ANDREY JULAY)

#13. The beginning of a never-ending journey. (MIGUEL ÁNGEL MUNIESA)

#14. From today onwards you can’t fly like this. (VLAD LODOABA)

#15. A romantic visual twist. (TIM D. YUN)

#16. When you need to go, there’s no stopping. (JA’ELI VAN BEVEREN)

#17. It’s my time to take care of you now. (Sao Paulo)

#18. Can’t let go of this delicious bouquet. (PETR WAGENKNECHT)

#19. The grand preparation. (DANIEL DUMBRAVA)

#20. Rapunzel! Is that you? (Alba Iulia)

#21. My blessings will be always with you two. (CHOMI DELGADO)

Preview image credit: PASQUALE MINNITI