25 Breathtaking Images Of The 2018 Drone Photo Contest Winners

By: Santo

SkyPixel that awards the best drone pictures annually has selected Deryk Baumgartner as the winner for this year. Baumgartner was given a camera gear worth $12,090 for his fascinating shot of Michael’s islanded located in Normandy, France. “It was an unbelievable feeling when I got the mail that I won the Grand Prize,” said Baumgartner in one of the interviews.

No wonder Deryk Baumgartner won the competition because his pictures are miraculously beautiful. He really is a talented professional in the field. Check out these images captured by Deryk and the other winners of the competition.

#1. People’s Choice Prize – “Red Train”. (sebastianmzh)

#2. Grand Prize Winner, “Mont Saint Michel” – “Mont Saint Michel”. (Deryk Baumgärtne)

#3. Third Prize Winner In Fun Category – “花瓣雨”. (邱 会宁)

#4. First Prize Winner In Fun Category – “Flowers On The Water”. (Khanh Phan)

#5. People’s Choice Prize – “Infinity Road: Summer vs. Winter”. (Michal Sadowski)

#6. Second Prize Winner In Architecture Category – “Bagan”. (Witold Ziomek)

#7. People’s Choice Prize – “Kyiv Monuments”. (Ristenko Segiy)

#8. People’s Choice Prize – “双栖”. (Dawood)

#9. Second Prize Winner In Fun Category – “Burden Salt Harvest”. (TuanNguyen)

#10. Nominated Entry – “National Library Of Kosovo”. (Agon Nimani)

#11. People’s Choice Prize – “Ancient Moonlight”. (Mauro Pagliai)

#12. First Prize Winner in Nature Category – “Hungry Hippos”. (Martin Sanchez)

#13. Nominated Entry – “Two”. (Baltskars)

#14. Nominated Entry – “There Is A Precise Point Up There In The Sky Where The Mountains Almost Seem To Pose”. (Andrea Giumelli)

#15. Third Prize Winner in Architecture Category – “日照新葡京”. (吖震)

#16. First Prize Winner in Architecture Category – “Not A Small HK Island”. (Panvelvet)

#17. People’s Choice Prize – “Lofoten”. (圆猪笔)

#18. First Prize Winner in Sports Category – “Running Through The Sand Dunes”. (Trung Pham)

#19. Nominated Entry – “Summit For The Team, Mont Blanc”. (Mathis Dumas)

#20. People’s Choice Prize – “至所未知”. (李珩)

#21. Third Prize Winner In Nature Category – “足迹”. (王 汉冰)

#22. People’s Choice Prize – “Stein Eriksen Residences”. (Alan Blakely)

#23. Second Prize Winner in Sports Category –  “Shadow Skier #5”. (oberschneider.com)

#24. Nominated Entry – “Wake Up”. (Petra Leary)

#25. Third Prize Winner in Sports Category – “Throwing It To The Moon”. (Taavi Purtsak)