18 Photographs That Don’t Need Photoshop to Impress You

By Anuradha.

The world around us is just fascinating. There are so many things happening behind our knowledge, our sight, our hearing but because of the development of modern technology, we get to hear about these absurd things quite often. You can be someone who believes in them or who don’t but we felt it would be good to share some amazing pictures of that category with you.

Have you ever seen a pink grasshopper? Or dinosaur footprints? I guess you would say ‘no’. it is not really possible to see such things and you would say if such photographs are there showing such impossible things, then that should be photoshopped! Of course, we won’t say these pictures are not photoshopped or that they are not edited but no matter whether these are true or not, they are quite fascinating for sure!

All these pictures depict some unusual and unlikely events that human mind is reluctant to believe but in case, these are photoshopped, there is no doubt that whoever the person behind these pictures must be quite creative!

So, scroll down to see some wonderful photographs and do not forget to share your thoughts about these with us!

#1. A Tyrannosaurus burning at a dinosaur museum. (RGDinoXP/facebook)

#2. An earthquake in Taiwan. (visionarygirl/reddit)

#3. Solar reflection on a casino building in Melbourne, Australia. (Gordigok/pikabu)

#4. A bird Tornado. (wadeybb/reddit)

#5. Library in China. (MVRDV/facebook)

#6. Crazy mammatus clouds over Kansas, USA. (HappyEarth/imgur)

#7. An abandoned apartment building being claimed by the sea in the former fishing village of Kirovsky, Russia. (Meunderwear/reddit)

#8. This thing connecting 2 buildings in South Beach, Miami. (Otteliderp/reddit)

#9. “This tree was struck by lightning 3 hours ago”. (zuki500/reddit)

#10. This viaduct in South England, UK. (naypenrai/imgur)

#11. “Casino lights behind my place look like an alien mothership”. (gho5tlike5wayz/reddit)

#12. “I spotted an albino deer in northwestern Wisconsin”. (whitedeerwoods/reddit)

#13. “I was mowing my lawn and found this pink grasshopper”. (MC4204/reddit)

#14. I took pictures of fireworks and ended up with a nebula. (SpicyEpiduralPorkpie/reddit)

#15. The snow on this fence. (MrNoobFTW/reddit)

#16. This storm front turned the sky green. (jasonbio/reddit)

#17. The size of this Morel mushroom. (PM_ME_UR_BOATHULL/reddit)

#18. The footsteps of dinosaurs that lived in the first half of the Cretaceous period, Argentina. (valyndrik/pikabu)