21 Pictures Of Proof That Cats Don’t Care About Your Personal Space

By: Anuradha 

There are people who love their cats even more than they love their partners! Well, it might sound a bit exaggerating but I can assure you that there are people like that. Cats are really cool and nice but they are attention seekers. Your cat will do anything to grab your attention and that includes invading your personal space!

If you are a cat lover and if you have one or more cats at your place, then you would surely agree with me. They would not be too close to anyone unless they really like that person and it is not easy to befriend with cats, unlike dogs. They don’t wag their tail or put their tongue out, but when they start following you everywhere and try to stay near you, then that is a sure sign of pure cat love.

However, winning the love of your cat has both good and bad effects. You will be happy thinking you have a wonderful admirer besides you all the time but this can also be a huge disturbance at times. Particularly, when you are at bed or when you are at the bath, you might not like to have an intruder but we can assure you that it is all because your cat lover is mad in love with you!

So, scroll down to see how creepy one’s life can be with the intervention of cats and don’t forget to share your cat moments with us!

1. Peeper creeper. (imgur.com)

2. Teemo is great at getting attention no matter how busy you are. (xblade724)

3. Proof we are slaves to cats. (RIzviRizvi)

4. Move over, it is my turn to ask Google a question. (imgur.com)

5. True life: I have too many cats to take a decent bathroom selfie. (hightechkid9)

6. Just making sure she brushes long enough. (inkspecialist)

7. Don’t mind me. (lmvo23)

8. You are done the reading. Like now! (imgur.com)

9. You will play with me! (SswearToShakeItUp)

10. Good Luck reading now. (tomecat.com)

11. No more study, play with Pebbles instead. (Zuko)

12. Humans love Butts in the face according to cats! (Unknown)

13. Peeking over the shower, I see you. (lysr777)

14. Excuse me!(lern41)

15. Doesn’t care if he is contributing to Carpal Tunnel syndrome, a cat sits where he wants to sit. (Unknown)

16. This guy just wanted to play some Smash Bros. (IM1RU1too)

17. And I’m never moving! (imgur.com)

18. I look better than you. (Lord_Nuke)

19. Why do you pay attention to the computer when I’m here? (LosBrendo)

20. Play with me (Unknown)

21. I found the best place to rest. (tigerose4242)