21 Mind-Twisting Optical Illusion Paintings By Artist Rob Gonsalves

By: Anuradha 

Art is something that is really beautiful. Paintings, sculptures, proses, verses and all other literary genres contain a unique art within them and that is why we all love to surround ourselves these things. Among all these things, paintings are unique and depending on the talent of each artist, different creations are born to the world.

Robert Gonsalves is such a unique person who does wonders with his talent. Instead of painting regular things that we daily encounter, he has made special creations by blending optical illusions with traditional art forms. So, when you look at his paintings you have to look twice about what exactly you are looking at and it is not necessary to say that it needs much skill and patience to create something like this.

Gonsalve’s interest in art began when he was very young. By the time he was 12, he already had experiences with techniques, perspectives and architectural art and this proficiency can be one reason that compelled him to make complex paintings with optical illusions.

All these paintings show his immense talent and dedication and they actually look more than being just paintings. Sometimes, you might be looking at a waterfall but after a few seconds, you will realize that it is not actually a waterfall but hundreds of humans doing this and that. Creating something like this on canvas is not something easy and that is why Rob’s talent should be much appreciated by everyone.

So, scroll down to see his wonderful collection and we are sure that you would be fascinated with each of these works. Please share your thoughts with us and please do let us know if you know any other great artist like Rob Gonsalves. So, have a happy time!

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1. “The Sun Sets Sail”

2. “Autumn Cycling”

3. “Carved in Stone”

4. “Water Dancing”

5. “Bedtime Aviation”

6. “The Phenomenon of Floating”

7. “Tabletop Towers”

8. “Nocturnal Skating”

9. “Sailing Islands”

10. “Medieval Moonlight”

11. “A Change of Scenery

12. “On the High Seas”

13. “Tree House In Autumn”

14. “Chess Master”

15. “Balloons”

16. “High Park Pickets”

17. “The Woods Within”

18. “New Moon Eclipsed”

19. “Stepping Stones”

20. “Ladies of the Lake”

21. “White Blanket”