21 Photos Proving That Dogs Are Made Of Love

By. Ran

Have you ever thought about how similar you and your dog are? Well, it turns out that our dogs have the same hormones as we do. A study shows that dogs have oxytocin, the love hormone of the humans. Just like us, they too have compassionate feelings. They get attached, they devote themselves, and most importantly, they love. As much as we do. Or perhaps even more.

Only the luckiest of us get to see these adorable expressions caught on camera. In fact, we have prepared a collection of heart-melting pictures of dogs. So scroll down to get your daily dose of love and cuteness.

#1. Waiting for the baby. (iprateek / imgur)

#2. Let us shower you with a rain of kisses. (wat.ki)

#3. Hey stranger, I love you! (lifeisahobby / imgur)

#4. Tell me that I am good boi please! (Myeva_info / reddit)

#5. I know our job is a tough one, but don’t worry. I got your back mama! (lnsta_pups)

#6. Mom and dad, can we adopt a kitty, please? (suki285 / imgur)

#7. My hooman and me. Where ever we go! (daddyofdogs)

#8. Hi there! Care to give me a high-five? (MaryLyse / imgur)

#9. Please don’t mess it up, mama. You know I can’t live without that. (HeartBeater / imgur)

#10. You don’t have to be of the same species to be friends. (Mockith / imgur)

#11. Yo look at me, I got a flying thong on my nose! (Unknown / imgur)

#12. Looking t dogs sleeping peacefully is therapy. (techh101 / imgur)

#13. Meeting his canine hero. (ibadullah / imgur)

#14. Dada came back home from Afghanistan. Let me welcome him properly. (Unknown / imgur)

#15. Just a dog spending free time reading with his hooman. (-eDgAR- / reddit)

#16. You are not the only one happy with pizza. (Apendigo80 / reddit)

#17. Some woofy love to take away all the kindergarten stress! (1337swagga / pikabu)

#18. “My 90-year-old mom is really sick. When we brought our dog to visit her at the  facility, he threw himself down on top of her to give her all his love.” (AtkatheEskie / imgur)

#19. “Hey, buddy, what happened?” (Broccolilovescheese / reddit)

#20. “Hello, human puppy!” (ZeroTwitch / imgur)

#21. “You’d better be done soon, Tracy! I have balls to chase!” (Unknown / imgur)

Preview photo credit: unknown / imgur