21 Hilarious Times People Were Caught Sleeping

By Anuradha.

Most of us are tight with busy schedules. We do not have time to take our meals, to watch our favorite tv shows, to talk with our family and most importantly, to have a proper nap. In order to complete the daily tasks, most of us try to reduce our sleeping time and use that for other things. But as we all know sleep is something that our body requires. It cannot function without taking the proper rest and therefore, most of us tend to sleep in absurd hours and absurd places.

You might have seen so many people having a deep sleep with an opened mouth in buses and trains but there are also some who try to sleep under their office working tables and even in bookshelves! It might sound hilarious but when you actually look at the pictures below, you would see how weird it may look!

So, here we have compiled a list of pictures where certain people have fallen asleep in most unexpected places and there is no doubt that you would enjoy them a lot! So, scroll down to see the pictures and don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comment section below!

#1. How did he even come up with the idea to lie there? (TheEy3ofRa/imgur)

#2. His caring co-workers built him a shelter. (Unknown/imgur)

#3. A stranger thought this was the best place to fall asleep. (The Titts Mcgee/tumblr)

#4. When you are fed up with all these responsibilities. (andruha1123/imgur)

#5. When you are tired, you can fall asleep anywhere. (TheEy3ofRa/imgur)

#6. The position doesn’t matter. (und3feated/reddit)

#7. I mean, really! Who cares about the position? (Unknown/imgur)

#8. Well, we can’t judge him. Everyone loves comfort. (TheEy3ofRa/imgur)

#9. This guy is the calmest sleeper ever. (vladrichdemaclant/imgur)

#10. Who else can boast such a fairy-tale pic with Santa? (Unknown/imgur)

#11. Tv shows are no exception either. (ImgBlur07/imgur)

#12. Honestly, I understand him. These are so comfy. (marcofo/reddit)

#13. I am 90% sure it was an exam week. (theshitclockisticking/imgur)

#14. Sound sleep is when you don’t care about what’s going on. (Unknown/imgur)

#15. This is obviously the comfiest place to fall asleep. (johnwyndham631/imgur)

#16. A very cute photo of a baby and his grandma. (Unknown/imgur)

#17. We hope nothing scared him. (TheEy3ofRa/imgur)

#18. Sometimes you just desperately need a vacation. (TheEy3ofRa/imgur)

#19. Is this guy dreaming of becoming a ballet dancer? (KerryFortney/imgur)

#20. And here we have a hidden vocal talent. (andruha1123/imgur)

#21. Asleep? Nope. Just slowly slipping to the exist. (andruha1123/imgur)