21+ Amusing Wildlife Photos By Award-Winning Austrian Photographer

By: Anuradha

Wildlife photography is not something easy. It requires a lot of patience and attention. You might have to spend hours and hours in the same position to get a single shot but the best thing is, that one shot might worth a lifetime.

Julian Rad is a wildlife photographer from Australia who has an amazing collection of photographs that feature squirrels, hamsters, and foxes. He has even won the Comedy Wildlife Photography Award in 2015 for his image of a running hamster which was titled as “Rush hour”.

You would surely love to see this amazing collection of running squirrels, hamsters climbing blackberry branches and red foxes running after their unseen enemies. All these pictures were perfectly timed and they make us fall in love again and again with Mother Nature. So, scroll down to see some of his amazing photographers and don’t forget to share your favorites!

Image Credit and More Info: Julian Rad

#1. Just a little bit closer.

There is no doubt that this little guy reminds you of the Scrat the saber-tooth squirrel from Ice Age.

#2. Happy fox.

Guess the reason why he is smiling!

#3. European hamster.

A wish on a dandelion.

#4. Summer feelings.

Let your summer shine like this flower!

#5. Ohh who are you?

When your mom introduces a newcomer to your gang!

#6. Red squirrel.

Squirrel yoga position

#7. Say cheese. 

When both of you want to take snaps at the same time.

#8. Rush hour.

Move awayyyy!! I am late for the bus. 

#9. Red fox.

Let the snowflakes kiss my nose tip.

#10. Ooh!

When you are awed by her beauty.

#11. Can I touch you?

Where have you been my sweet love?

#12. A handful of flowers.

When you want to surprise her with something grand!

#13. Squirrel and tulip.

Nothing is better than the smell of a flower.

#14. Acrobat.

When the risk is worth it!

#15. Thirsty.

When you are done with a morning gym session.

#16. Happy fox.


#17. Kung Fu squirrels.

I’m still wondering what made them fight.

#18. Take time to smell the flowers.

Posing for a natural shot.

#19. A ground squirrel enjoys the summer.

When you want nothing else but to kiss her!

#20. Full cheeks.

Don’t wonder too about what is inside his cheeks.

#21. It is not a bird, nor a squirrel but a plane!

Don’t worry. I’m cominggggg!

#22. Cliffhanger.

When you are this much hungry.

#23. Ground squirrels.

Do you think they would share the nut?

#24. Red squirrel.

The beauty.

#25. Autumn is the best season ever!

When everything looks so colorful.

#26. Please let me eat you!

When he looks too good.

#27. Thirsty Squirrel.

When you are really thirsty.

#28. Hamster and poppy.

Love in first sight.

#29. Red squirrel.


#30. Reflections.

Look at how beautiful I am!