15 Comic Strips That Give Different Perspective About What Animals Think

By. Anuradha

If you are an animal lover, then you might have often been puzzled by their behaviors. You might have wondered why the hens cackle early in the morning or why do little fish always swim under the cover of big ones and many more things. Even though all these phenomena can be explained by science and logic, you can also give your own interpretations for their behaviors if you are creative. You can invent thousands of reasons for the way they act in certain instances and that will make a good laugh among your friends too!

Jimmy is an illustrator who often let his imagination fly away and recently he created a whole series of funny pictures explaining the life of animals. These pictures will give you a different perspective about common occurring around you and will give you a good laugh too.

So, scroll down to see these funny illustrations and don’t forget to share your thoughts about them with us too!

#1. This is why they cackle each morning.

#2. Let me help you, buddy!

#3. The crushes are like!

#4. Please consider your decision again!

#5. An idea like what?

#6. They all say different things!

#7. This is why they dance when it rains.

#8. I think that went well too!

#9. Please take her to a nice place.

#10. Please, I feel a bit shy!

#11. Get into the cave!!!

#12. What’s the occasion?

#13. This is absolutely a typo!

#14. That is an exception for sure!

#15. We should check whether he is dead!