Wedding Bouncy Castles Are A Thing, And Couples Are Just Loving It!

By: Anuradha

Many people often dream about the wedding that they are going to have. It should be glamorous, lovely, elegant and you will try to do your best to make your day perfect. But have you ever thought that your childhood fancies could also be included in your wedding? I guess the answer is a big ‘NO’.

However, a UK-based company named A Wedding Wonderland has given a new twist to the wedding industry by introducing a new trend. They provide the chance for their customers to enjoy their big day with their childhood fancies by providing them bouncy castles at their wedding! They provide white customized bouncy castle to satisfy the dreams and fancies of their customers.  Another company called Mr. Bouncy Castle also offers bouncy castles but they offer only white ones and not colorful ones that are used for weddings.

Image credit: A Wedding Wonderland

Image credit: The McHendrys

The owner of the Mr. Bouncy Castle, Tom Robinson said that,

“the idea came from a wedding planner who asked if I had a white bouncy castle. At the time there were none available to buy so I had one made.” He added, “I quickly discovered that it was very difficult to keep them clean and had to increase the hire price significantly. But the rise in price did not temper demand.”

Image credit: A Wedding Wonderland

Image credit: FayAndrea Photography

Mr. Bouncy Castle rents out giant, bouncy bundles of joy for £275 (half-day, up to 5 hours) or £285 (whole day, up to 8 hours). However, one thing to note is that the price increases if the venue requires a staff member to supervise or if they add a generator rental to the package. It has a large, bouncy area and a built-in rain cover, so a drop of rain will not spoil the party. A Wedding Wonderland takes an initial deposit of £50.00 to secure the date and requests for the full amount 28 days prior to the event. The bouncy castles they offer also a quirky backdrop for wedding photos.

Image credit: A Wedding Wonderland

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Tor Cox is a bride who got a bouncy castle for her wedding. Though it had been initially taken off the list because it was “a bit extravagant”, her then-to-be husband sweetly surprised her with one at their April 2018 wedding in Cornwall, UK. Speaking of this she said, “It brought a new level of fun to the day. We only had four children there on the day, so this really was mainly for adult entertainment, which made it even better.”

Image credit: A Wedding Wonderland

So, make haste and order your bouncy castle for your big day!