8 True-to-Life Comics With an Unexpected Ending

By: Anuradha

Life can be tiresome for all of us at some point. The daily routine of waking up, doing house choruses and going for work can be monotonous and none of us will enjoy such a life. But, with all the responsibilities laid over our shoulders, it will not be possible to avoid any of these tasks and we will end up repeating the same routine every day as we cannot simply change our lives just because it feels boring.

However, in this busy schedule, there can also be certain things that add color to our day and brighten up our moods. For each of us, that pursuit of happiness can take different forms and shapes. Sometimes, you might like just to listen to a song and have a quick nap or watch a movie and calm yourself a bit. There are also people who enjoy the day by scrolling in social media or looking at comics. So, for those who love to see comics, we found some that would brighten up your day. 

These comics were done by the artist Pedro Arizpe and these are some from his famous comic strip Port Sherry. They will give you a lot to laugh and think about and don’t forget to share your thoughts about these with us too!  

Image & Preview photo credit: Portsherry

#1. Helping the princess. (Portsherry)

#2. Making the bed. (Portsherry)

#3. Surprise. (Portsherry)

#4. Such a rude witch. (Portsherry)

#5. Ok, but it’s the last time. (Portsherry)

#6. My hero. (Portsherry)

#7. Take my hand. (Portsherry)

#8. Welcome to Lucid dreaming. (Portsherry)