This Village With Canals, Looks Like A One In A Fairy Tale Book

By. Ran

Have you ever thought of living a fairy tale? Wasn’t it our dream growing up with all the Disney princesses? Well, those who live in Giethoorn are lucky enough to live in a real-life fairy-tale. The village, also known as the ‘Venice in the Netherlands,’ is straight out of a fairy tale. Founded in 1230, it has no roads or any modern transportation at all.

How do people walk around their village then?

There are only canals, well, and 176 bridges! People use boats for transportation. Even the tourists who come to visit the country have to leave their vehicles outside of the village and travel here by foot or boat by (usually by “whisper boats”, which have noiseless engines) the village is very peaceful and noiseless; probably the loudest noise you would hear is a duck quacking. Even the village’s website says that “the loudest sound you can normally hear is the quacking of a duck or the noise made by other birds”. It’s truly something out of a storybook.

More info: 

#1. This is the village that has no roads. (

#2. But it does not mean that there is no way to travel around the village. (

#3. The most common mode of transportation is by “whisper boats”, which have noiseless engines. (unknown)

#4. The village is very peaceful and fairytale-like. (giethoorn_village)

#5. When there are no tourists, probably the loudest sound you will hear is a duck quacking. (

#6. Also known as “the Venice of the Netherlands”, this magical village was founded around 1230. (giethoorn_village)

#7. Its first inhabitants found numerous peat deposits and dug many holes over the years. (Magda Djm)

#8. They turned in to lakes gradually. (

#9. These lakes are connected with more than 176 bridges. (

#10. The village looks very cozy. (