This Ring Lets You Feel Your Partner’s Heartbeat Anywhere In The World, In Real Time

By: Anuradha

One of the best feelings in the world is to be with the person that you love the most. His smell along with little cuddles make you feel like heaven and sometimes you might have kept your ear on his chest and listened to the rhythm his heartbeat.

However, most of us cannot spend all our time with our loved ones with our busy schedules and even though modern communication has paved you the way to talk and be with them within few seconds, still you might have lacked their physical presence near you. Particularly, for those who are having a long distance relationship, meeting their loved one is a rare happening and they always long for the physical intimacy.

So, here we have a good news for all the lovers who wish to feel the heartbeat of their loved one. A company called the ‘The Touch’ has created ‘HB rings’ that allows you to feel your partner’s heartbeat in real time regardless of where they are in the world.

It is not a secret that everyone desires for the physical contact of their loved one but this is not possible in all the time. No matter how hard we desire, we cannot be with them all the time, but by using this ring you will be able to feel the heartbeat of your loved one.

It is very much easy to use it as when you tap your HB ring, one blink means a request is sent!

Both the rose gold and stainless steel rings possess a Unibody Sappier crystal surface and that means you can’t stretch them. The rings are made with utmost care and from the highest quality materials available.

You only have to sync them together using a smartphone and then tap the ring when you have data or wifi to connect to your partner’s ring.

In no time you will feel the heartbeat of your partner and that will be the best feeling of your life!

You can learn more about these rings here: TheTouch | Facebook