This Adorable 3-Year-Old Knows Many Things About Periodic Table

By. Anuradha

Okay, be honest. How many of you can recollect the periodic table? If you are a science guy, of course, you would. But for many ordinary humans like us, such a thing is not likely to be in our memory at all! You might have even struggled as a kid to learn about all those elements, their properties, and uses. But what would you feel about yourself if you heard that a 3-year-old knows much about periodic table than you?

Yeah, you heard it right. In Ellen DeGeneres Show on Monday, a little guest came who knew all about Periodic table. The little Miss Genius couldn’t read as yet, but she proudly said that “I’m sounding words!” she was absolutely adorable with her cute way of speaking and the most amazing thing is that she got all the elements that Ellen showed her absolutely correct plus she knew much about each of them as well!

Little Brielle’s mom said it took her only six months to remember all these things and she has learned everything from flashcards. But she is not good only in the periodic table. She also knows all the states and capitals, the countries of Europe and Africa. Her favorite president was Barak Obama and the reason was that he was the president when she was born! 

During the interview, the toddler also corrected Ellen’s way of pronouncing the names of certain words and Ellen made everyone laughed by telling she has shoes older than Brielle.

So, watch the video below to see the Miss Cutie showing off her brilliance and we can assure you that you would not feel that bad about yourself at the end!