30 Things Worn Down Over Time That Tell Interesting Stories 

Time is capable of creating so much change and these photographs are proof of that statement. Scroll below to enjoy a collection of photographs that depict how time has affected various objects.

#1. The teddy bear on the left definitely belonged to someone who loves cuddling.

Image Credit; Bedheadredhead30

#2. As you can see, this is my favorite spot.

Image Credit; LordEpitom

#3. They said “leave a mark on this world”, and that is exactly what I did.

Image Credit; ExtraGooseGrease

#4. Glowing because I’m a good doggo.

Image Credit; tubelessnutria

#5. When you move dumbells with your foot and your shoes end up showing the skeletal pattern of your foot.

Image Credit; asshatnowhere

#6. Things appear very clear with time.

Image Credit; L-boyontheting

#7. For 14 years now I have been adding designs to the table. Aren’t they pretty?

Image Credit; ELmapper

#8. The sun thought of amping things up by weathering this sign.

Image Credit; dave_wigwam

#9. When the new faded away to give space to the old.

Image Credit; TooFewTulips

#10. Just in case you haven’t see a leaf stripped off its pigment.

Image Credit; fatso_2000

#11. This is what happens when you decide to use the same route every single day.

Image Credit; ShooterMcgavin41

#12. Tapped on the mat enough to leave my paw prints on it.

Image Credit; bubbafreddy

#13. Old is gold for sure.

Image Credit; Postal_Pat

#14. “Come let us hug each other tight,” the wire said to the rock.

Image Credit; c4talystza

#15. Proof of the fact that right-handers dominate.

Image Credit; haze_rod

#16. When you have the same wallet for so long that your driver’s license is imprinted on it.

Image Credit; 3D_Sock

#17. This barber has certainly been in business for a very long time.

Image Credit; cufflinxx

#18. The layers of paint on the wall making it appear as if a bark of a tree.

Image Credit; Cummiekazi

#19. These people definitely use their knives a lot.

Image Credit; wadeboggs127

#20. Starting to see letters flying at this point.

Image Credit; ACHoax

#21. How time changes things.

Image Credit; mediumtiddiegothgf

#22. When you decide to move your bed for the first time after 60 years.

Image Credit; HCSharpe

#23. This belt is proof that size changes with time.

Image Credit; ingenuitease

#24. It’s a poster staple tower.

Image Credit; markeees

#25. So… IKEA wanted to create a fake door.

Image Credit; Tricoe

#26. Now we all know the key that was used the most.

Image Credit; matthewh2002

#27. The store doorbell certainly wanted to be remembered.

Image Credit; pix_

#28. Wear indicators of a tire, showing the amount of tread left.

Image Credit; RedDevil407

#29. This is more of a then vs. now situation.

Image Credit; Jack_Enoff

#30. Paper cuts don’t just happen to humans. They happen to plastic as well.

Image Credit; Farge43