Things We Realized After We Rescued a Shelter Dog

By: Anuradha

Adopting a dog can be the most wonderful thing in life. If you are not a dog lover, you will genuinely wonder how can it be the most wonderful thing in life and we are ready to tell you why!

A house becomes a home when there is a pet in it. Most of the times, we are often getting irritated and frustrated with our daily happenings and it is not possible to have a cool mind always with our family members. At such times, if we have a dog friend to share our grief and frustration, you can easily calm down your mind and you will even be ready to forgive the ones who hurt you. Dogs are good lovers and they will teach how to love and when to love. That is why most of the dog owners are really sensitive and are much loved by everyone.

When you have a dog, your home will no longer be dull or bored because there will always be many happenings and even at a time where you needed to stay calm and cool, you will be disturbed by a bark or by a sudden leap on to your seat. You will be able to have new friends, who are crazy about dogs as much as you and you will realize how quickly your life changed with the arrival of your new friend.

Bird Born, an artist from Russia decided to tell a story of a dog who became a true member of their family and these illustrations depicts his life with his dog. All these are really funny and lovely and I am sure that most of the dog lovers would fell in love with these.

So scroll down to see how a dog can change human life and we also say ‘thank you’ to all lovely and caring people who are so good enough to look after an innocent animal. 

More Info: Bird Born

We had these problems and we had to find the answers.

And we noticed these things of her.

She was kind of afraid and we had to have a plan to make her feel comfortable.

With time she started to feel safe and happy.

With her our lives started to change too.

Well she was simply became a family member.

She started to decide somethings in our lives too.

Never seen someone get excited as she does when we came home.

I think adopting an animal is better than buying a pet.

I never forget the look of her eyes when she looked at me for the first time.

It is not much but for her we could be the best thing ever happened to her.

And we are happy about what we feel.

Well, I love these words.