These Are The Ways That Strong People Deal With Narcissists

By: Anuradha

Narcissists are capable of controlling the lives of people around them in their own unique ways. They will use others in order to reach their aims and the way that they use the weaknesses of other people to make profit for them is really tactful.

It is not that hard to deal with Narcissists though most of us believe dealing with a Narcissist is one of the hardest things ever. Most of the times strong people deal with Narcissists better than others and they have their own mechanisms of controlling them.

Here is what they do differently.

Strong people are not naïve. They have several experiences with Narcissists and they know how to identify them. They always detect Narcissist’s manipulations and tricks. Narcissists always try to take the control of nice people because they know nice people hardly would kick them out and they are too nice to be hard on others. But strong people are not afraid to let out their feelings and therefore when they feel someone is trying to control them, they would tell directly how much they hate them and kick them out. So, it is not easy for Narcissists to control strong people.

Strong people don’t allow narcissists to put the blame on them. Strong people will admit the mistakes they do and will apologize for them, but they will never let any narcissist to put the blame on them for the things that they are not responsible for. So narcissist’s trick of manipulating others by making them accuse for the things that they are not even aware of will not work for the strong people.

Strong people don’t drop their guard down easily. One of the most common things that narcissist will do is captivating their victim by creating a false future with them. They will create a whole new world for the victim and victim would not be able to move out of this world easily making it easy for narcissist to take the control of the situation. But strong people don’t believe in words and therefore it is not easy for narcissist to make a fool out of them.

Strong people are confident and they are not easily brought down. Narcissist normally breaks down the ego of people by always pointing out their errors and weaknesses. But strong people are totally aware of their strengths and therefore, it is not easy for narcissists to bring strong people down. Strong people never let anyone walk over them.

Strong people are not afraid to confront the narcissist. Narcissists are the people with dual personalities. They will show one face in public and show something else at their homes. But string people don’t tolerate these sorts of deceitful behaviours and they will confront the real face of narcissists even in public.

Strong people never dim their voices. Narcissists are good in manipulations. It is not hard for them to control the behaviour of someone else and they know that attack is the best form of defence. But strong people know better than this and they won’t allow narcissists to have their way.

Strong people can recognize when someone is playing with their emotions. They are aware of the fact that narcissists tend to play the victim when their true face is revealed. So they are not sorry for someone they know they should be mad at. They don’t allow anything to cloud their judgements.

So, if you need to tame a narcissist, try these things out!