This Stray Puppy Turned Out To Be A Rare Australian Alpine Dingo

It’s nearly unthinkable to go along the street without noticing stray animals. much more so if they are only puppies crying out for help. Such was the case with Wandi, a curious dog that appeared out of nowhere in the Australian town of Wandiligong. However, it transpires that this cute little creature is a 100% rare Australian alpine dingo.

After hearing Wandi whine, a family located him in their backyard. The puppy was incredibly cute and had fox-like traits on its face. As a result, the family rushed him right away to the Alpine Animal Hospital for a DNA test to identify his breed. Dr. Rebekah Day, the veterinarian who treated Wandi, also observed some marks on the puppy’s back. She claimed that these scars were most likely the result of an eagle’s claws. Therefore, it seems likely that an eagle carried Wandi and dropped him to the ground.

Fortunately, the Australian Dingo Foundation learned about the helpless puppy and asked to take him to their sanctuary. The foundation is a non-profit group that advocates for the protection of wild canids. Wandi’s recognition of his breed and subsequent confirmation of it are thus a blessing for the foundation. There are three types of this canine classification, all of which are unique to Australia: alpine, desert, and tropical.

He is grown up to be a playful fella.

Sadly, of the three, alpine is in danger of going extinct. The main causes of this are habitat damage, hunting, and intermarriage. Unfortunately, domestic dog/dingo hybrids have begun to replace purebreds in several regions of Australia. Since being brought to the sanctuary, Wandi has grown considerably and as a result, the foundation wants to give Wandi a secure place to live. More than that, they also hope he will play a significant role in their breeding strategy. The charity has also set up a Wandi Instagram page in the interim, where you can continue following Wandi the Dingo’s daily adventures.

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