People In The Philippines Spotted Stray Cats Occupying The Circle Marks Near The Market

Humans are not the only followers of the COVID-19 rules and regulations. Even animals prove that they are good at adhering to the coronavirus rules. The story that we bring to you today is of a group of stray cats who were observed occupying social distancing markers. This incident took place on a sidewalk located in Quezon City market street, Philippines.

These white circles were placed on the sidewalk with the intention of reducing the spread of the COVID-19 virus by assisting people to maintain at least a 1-meter distance between each other. The photographs of these cats depicted the manner in which they were socially responsible and this is the reason why the images succeeded in gaining the attention of internet users.

Many people complimented the creatures for their discipline. Those who break the COVID-19 social distancing rules have a lot to learn from these cats. They stand in stark contrast to the humans who believe that the pandemic has nothing to do with them. Coleen Joice Aquino is the individual who managed to capture these images and share them online for the rest of the world to see.

Apparently the cats remained inside the circles for about 10 minutes. This group of cats consisted of felines that generally visit the market searching for food. After Coleen posted the images on her Facebook account, they went viral and were even featured on the news. “I took the photos on May 10 and these cats are just roaming around the public market where our vegetable store is located at. That was the first time I saw cats sitting in circles,” conveyed Coleen.

Coleen had no idea that her photographs would go viral and she posted them because she found the images to be cute as well as nice. This human was so excited about the fact that she managed to capture these images of the group of cats. Seemingly these strays keep returning to the same spot to look for food. Even though these cats appeared to be adhering to the coronavirus regulations, it is no secret that they love being inside circles.

Image Credit & More Info; Coleen Joice Aquino | Instagram