Some People Deny Flaws In Themselves And Put The Blame On Others

By. Ran

Narcissists are often hated for their arrogance and egocentrism. The word narcissistic comes from Greek mythology. The story goes that Narcissus was stunning with his looks. His self-admiration was such that he attracted the goddess Nemesis- the goddess of vengeance against beings who were consumed by their own arrogance. The goddess made him fall in love with his own self that he died staring at this own reflection throughout his life.

This kind of people can be a nightmare to deal with. They are experts at using their charm and manipulating people at every turn they get. Once they realize that they want that kind of attention from someone, they just go off and find it somewhere else. To help you deal with a narcissistic, here are some methods you can try.

#1. Like To Rush Bad Ideas

Narcissists are masters at rushing people to make terrible decisions; they are highly capable at manipulating you into doing something that you are not completely okay with. So if you find yourself being compelled by a narcissist into saying yes to something that you are not entirely comfortable with, always be cautious.  Slow them down, make them talk to you first about the idea, and then come up with a solution that both of you will enjoy. And if nothing works, you can always say no and walk away.

#2. Do Not Be Afraid To Say No

The second rule – do not be afraid to say no.  Narcissists use your fears against you. They will find whatever you fear and use them to break you down.  You should face your fears and not let them have his kind of control over you.

#3. Let Go Of Your Past Mistakes

They love to bring up stuff from the past to make you bad about yourself. So it is important that you let go of your past mistakes and accept who you are.  It is only natural to make mistakes. Forgive yourself of these previous mistakes and do not let these mistakes loom over you as if they just happened yesterday.

#4. Stand Up For What You Feel

A narcissistic person will tell you how you feel, what your life is like and how your emotions and mistakes play in our life. Do not allow them to do this because the only person who truly knows how you feel is you. Stand up for the way you feel about yourself, tell them that you are not damaged in any way shape or form. Do not let them make you feel bad for your emotions.

#5. Constant Let-Downs

They make a lot of broken promises to people. They promise you something, but they never deliver it.  They would never actually give you what you want simply because it’s not benefiting them or their world. The next time they try to promise something just say that you will only believe it when you actually get to see it.

#6. Topic Changer

Once they feel attacked, they change the topic instantly.  They try and change the subject in hopes that you will forget the problem entirely. If this happens, tell them directly that you do not want to talk about anything else and that you would rather talk about what is pressing at the hand.

#7. Always Feel Free To Say No

The most important thing to remember is that you can always say no.  If there is something that this person is forcing you to do that you really don’t wanna do, just say no.

It will be a lot easier to deal with a narcissistic person if you follow these guidelines. We hope that they are of help.