Shop Owner Installed A Glass Ceiling For His Cats 

If you are a cat lover, you might have noticed that they are extra curious and love observing everything that is happening around them. So they pick vantage points to keep their eyes on incidents taking place in their environment. Glass ceilings are utilized by cats for this purpose. The Taiwanese Twitter user going by the name @SCMcrocodile, shared some pictures of what his friend’s shop looked like after he renovated the attic to accommodate his cats.

Now his friend is under observation 24/7/365. This all started when the shop owner decided to modify his ceiling and use glass ceiling panels instead of regular suspended ceiling tiles. He is the proud owner of three beautiful cats.

Ever since this newest addition to the attic above the shop, these cats have been hanging out on top of the glass tiles, lying down on it and looking intently at the humans below. They even meow at the humans who come into the shop.

Don’t you think they’re a great surveillance system? More like a “purrfect purrveillance system”. They observe everything that takes place inside the shop. However, some might find it creepy to look up and see a cat staring at them attentively.

The cats also act as an alarm system whenever they are not fed on time. They end up shredding whatever they find. These pampered creatures make sure that their owner obeys their commands.

This is definitely going to be a unique sight for those who have not seen how a creature looks when they are on top of a glass surface. These pictures managed to gain over 178,900 likes and 67,000 retweets. People also didn’t forget to make memes out of this.

Since cats are generally animals that love to judge their humans, this ceiling can be seen as an ideal spot for them. Have a look at the pictures of these observant cats and let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Image Credit & More Video; SCMcrocodile/Twitter