Senior Dog Patiently Waits For Boops In The Same Place Everyday

There is no question as to the fact that dogs are one of the friendliest creatures on Earth. They are friendly to an extent where they run towards you and jump onto you as soon as you get home from work. Hime is a 13-year-old Siberian husky and her favorite thing to do is sit near a nature path and wait impatiently for someone to come and give her nose boops.

It is definitely her favorite spot in the whole wide world and sometime back she came to realize that she was eventually going to get what she came for. Hime sits in her favorite spot and watches as the world goes by. However, this Siberian husky has other ideas in her head as well. Hime was adopted by David Nagadhana when she was just a small puppy. Hime gets the opportunity to visit all the best petting spots by hitching a ride in David’s bike trailer.

“I cycle her because of her arthritis, Gentle in her old age, Hime looks for affection anywhere she can find it,” expressed David. The Siberian husky’s favorite spot is located near the Thames in Richmond, England. Nevertheless, David does take Hime to any place that makes her happy. Hime absolutely adores locating new exciting and interesting locations, and then ends up napping in these spots.

The doggo finds relaxation in nodding off occasionally. Apparently, Hime and David do everything together and this won’t come to an end soon. “She was there for me when life ground to a halt during the pandemic. I’ll be there for her until the end. Raising dogs is like a rainbow. Puppies are the joy at one end, old dogs are the treasure at the other,” commented David.

There is no doubt as to the fact that this human and doggo share a very special bond and Hime receives a limitless number of boops from her favorite human, David. Now wouldn’t you love to come across this adorable soul? If you do indeed encounter Hime, don’t forget to greet her with a boop on the nose.

Image Credit & More Info; HimeTheHusky/Instagram