Sashimi Artist Designs Incredible Food Art From Raw Fish And Other Edible Ingredients

By: Anuradha

Many people love Japanese cuisine. There are many delicious food items that are exclusive in their culinary patterns and one such is Sashimi. Sashimi is a food item containing very fresh raw fish or meat, nicely sliced into thin pieces. It is not only delicious but also rich in nutrients and many people who visit Japan never forgets to taste this.

One Sashimi chef who goes by the name of mikyoui0 wanted to teach his son everything about food preparation and instill a love for cooking within the young fellow. So, last summer he tried to make some designs out of raw fish and with time he became really talented in the task. He ended up not only in teaching the kid everything about sashimi but also becoming an expert in sashimi art and some of the designs that he has created out of raw fish are just amazing!

Learning these arts were not easy and he used the internet and some other media to learn some difficult designs. He recreated some famous dishes made by popular chefs and spent more time on creating designs by himself. With time, it became his hobby!

Making sashimi art is not an easy task and it requires a lot of patience and attention. His secret in making the perfect dish is by using many types of fish as possible and including other edible foods on the dish.

He has created many beautiful designs including animated characters, animals, lovers, mermaids and it is truly wonderful to see that these creations can be done by using only fish! Currently, he has 27.2K followers on Instagram and many of them don’t believe that he is a self-taught chef. 

So, here we have some pictures of a few designs which you would like to have a look and after looking at these pictures, try to make some arts by yourself! you would end up in loving cooking and your family and friends will admire you more as well!

Image credit & More info: mikyoui00

#1. God of fire.

#2. White Crane.

#3. Alraune.

#4. Swimming in the wind.

#5. Tangled.

#6. Wedding night.

#7. Snow queen.

#8. Forest spirit.

#9. Elements of fire.

#10. Unicorn and his owner.

#11. Samurai.

#12. Captivating angel.

#13. Dove with leaf

#14. Playing with mermaids.

#15. Lady in the garden.

#16. Sword dance.

#17. White dragon.

#18. Betta fish.

#19. Snowboarding.

#20. Lady in the wind.

#21. Little girl.

#22. The beauty of Pegasus.

#23. Samurai.

#24. Chinese dragon.

#25. Fallen angel.

#26. Rock star.

#27. Finally spring.

#28. Love Arrow.

#29. Power of music.

#30. Shinning angel.