This Is How Sand Looks Magnified Up To 300 Times

By: Anuradha

How many times have you ever wondered about the actual shape of sands? Have you wondered how they might actually look like? Well, maybe you might not have ever given it a thought at all. Those are just tiny particles that we step on and most of never ever give a thought about sands.

But Dr. Gary Greenberg, who always gave attention to tiny things, was fascinated by these little particles and he always wanted to know how they would look like. So, he made some awesome pictures using a microlens which made his dream came true and gave the chance not only for him to clear his doubts but for everyone in the world.

His photographs of minuscule grains of colorful sands showed the state of sands when they were magnified up to 300 times and almost all these pictures were absolutely amazing. His desire to see the actual state of sands came to true in an amazing way. First of all, he invented the high-definition of 3D lenses which he used to take pictures and that resulted in earning him 18 US Patent under his name.

Until age 33, he was a photographer and a filmmaker and he moved from LA to London and earned a Ph.D. in biomedical research.

With the things that he learned, he was always curious about the science happening around the world and he was a great admirer of nature. He thought of using optical macro photography technologies to document the composition of sand and he used the coastal beach of Hawaii to obtain sand for this purpose.

So, under lenses, he could obtain a beautiful composition of many sea animals, vegetation and other mineral parts and in some other place, the sand composition can be totally different from this. Scroll, down to see this amazing picture collection and maybe you can also try doing this with the sand obtained from your home garden.     

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