10 Reasons Why Sarcastic People Are Some Of The Smartest People In The World

By: Anuradha 

You might have friends who are quite good at being sarcastic and perhaps you can be someone who has mastered this art. Sarcasm is considered as the lowest form of wit, but everyone knows that sarcastic people are proven to be much smarter than they are given credit for. It needs a lot of humor and intelligence to say one thing when you are actually implying another and there are numerous studies that prove people who are sarcastic are actually much smarter than many people.

“Sarcasm is linked to our capability to comprehend the mental state of other individuals. It’s simply not only a linguistic form but in addition, connected to social cognition” – Dr. Shamay-Tsoory, Psychologist, University of Haifa and the Rambam Medical center in Haifa 

Below are 10 reasons why sarcastic people are actually smart! 

1. Sarcastic people can be insulting and funny at the same time.

Sarcastic people are good in meaning one thing and actually implying something else. Most of the time they wrap up the harshness of their thoughts by something funny and there are times people don’t get what they mean because of the innocent way they present their thoughts. So, listeners might laugh when they first hear something and might actually take time to digest what he/she actually meant.

2. They see through your smokescreen.

Sarcastic people are good at understanding the mind and the state of the people around them. They can see through your smokescreen and they often attack these people who try to pretend with their sarcasm.

3. Their brains are healthier.

Researchers at the University of California, San Francisco have found that the inability of some people to handle sarcasm can actually be linked to brain deterioration or damage. So, smart are the people who can deal with it and who are sarcastic in their lives.

4. They are good at problem-solving.

Sarcastic people are creative and innovative. In the research it was revealed that their sarcasm actually helps them to derive creative solutions to their problems and therefore, these people are really good at problem-solving. Their brains are working in different directions and they use it to find the right answer for their issues.

5. They think on their feet.

This means that sarcastic people use their brains a little bit more than the normal person would. They are fast thinkers and they don’t need much time to find an answer to their questions.

6. They have great linguistic skills.

Sarcastic people are good in using their language as they have a way with their words and they are skilled in accumulating information and then communicating it in a unique way. So, people hardly feel bored when conversing with them as the conversations with these people are diverse and vivid.

7. Sarcasm and creativity are correlated.

There is a link between sarcasm and creativity. A study conducted at Columbia and Harvard have stated that both giving as well as receiving sarcasm increases performances on creativity tests. So, when you receive a sarcastic comment, it actually stirs you to think in diverse ways.

8. They might be more emotionally stable.

A person who is good with sarcasm is also good in handling his emotions because he knows how to react to different situations. They know how others would feel and they know the best way to react to things. So, they are emotionally stable than many people.

9. They exercise their brains.

It is not easy to be sarcastic. It needs more brain power and the brain has to work hard to digest a sarcastic comment as well as in replying to some sarcastic thing. so, when you are sarcastic, it actually exercises your brain and washes away the rust out of your brain.

10. Their intelligence rubs off on those around them.

Sarcastic people have a great influence over the ones around them. Your brain will constantly be in work when you are surrounded by one like that as you have to constantly pay attention to what they say and what they actually mean. So, being around a sarcastic person can make you smarter too!