Meet Pixel – The Adorable Fuzzy Cat With A Nice Smile

By. Ran

Here is a cat who loves the camera!

Pixel has always been a very expressive cat. When he was around 1 year old, his mom noticed that he has a knack for cameras. Apart from the fact that he loves cameras, he is quite photogenic too. He has a very cute smile. And it sure is contagious.

“[He] would smile and make other hilarious faces whenever I tried to take photos of him,” said Alyson Kalhagen, Pixel’s mom. “At first, I wanted to sort of showcase his more elegant, ‘fancy’ side, so I wasn’t going for the funny expressions at all, but I decided that I may as well start sharing his silly photos too, and that sort of got us to where we are now.”

As soon as Kalhagen started sharing photos of Pixel’s smile, he went viral. Which means that he got a lot of photoshoots. And the more photo shoots he got, the happier he was!

Everyone has a different reaction to Pixel’s goofy smile. And his mom loves to see all the love he gets. And sometimes the confusion he invokes.

“People have a variety of reactions to Pixel, but most commonly they say things like, ‘He’s so ugly he’s cute!’ or ‘He looks like a bat!’ Overall, the reactions are positive, although some people see his expressions as an unsettling or creepy thing,” Kalhagen said. “A few people have mentioned thinking that he was evil or possessed, but in reality, he is just a very expressive kitty who wants a bite of chicken!”

And Pixels of course has no idea that he looks like an adorable bat.

All he knows is that he loves posing for the camera and that he gets a lot of love and treats for it!

Image Credit & More Info; pixelandsophie/instagram | H/T; thedodo