21 Pictures Of Over Dramatic Cats Who Deserve An Oscar

If you are a cat owner, then you certainly have experience with regard to how dramatic they can be at times. From pretending to be dead to looking shocked, these creatures are quite talented actors. If you don’t believe me, then have a look at the images below. They are sure to convince you that these cats deserve an Oscar for best performance.

#1. When you are heading straight into a truck and you wonder what the hell your human is doing. (This_Geig)

#2. And the award for the best actor goes to. (SafeNafe)

#3. I will stand against injustice.

#4. Well, guess who’s jealous. (nanatalada)

#5. That moment you’re clinging on to a cliff hoping that you won’t fall down to death. (supersonics)

#6. When you run into a door accidentally. (n0soupforyou)

#7. That obsessive boyfriend every time his girlfriend tries to go out. (imgur)

#8. Now this is how you act scared.

#9. Pretending that I’m holding onto a mic.

#10. The look you get after you take your cat to the vet. (B-rry)

#11. Falling asleep while watching the TV. This cat is living the good life. (Jayn88)

#12. This is why you should not mess with a cat. (Matind)

#13. This cat needs to be featured in a horror film. ()

#14. Got hit by a tsunami wave. (pipertakespictures)

#15. Let me in human, it’s raining outside. (thinkadinky)

#16. Don’t you ever let go of my paw. (Chieres)

#17. That look you give when your human says something stupid. (suitedman)

#18. Panic mode is on. (BraveReddit)

#19. Aaaaaaargh, it’s freezing out here human. Take me back in! (SplatterFrogs)

#20. That one person who desperately needs attention. (stinkylinkydingdong)

#21. This cat got the shock of his life. (slartibar)