Photographs Of Beautiful Animal Friendships Around The World!

By Mahesh.

#1. This condition where an animal has eyes of two different colors is called heterochromia. It’s very rare and it occurs only in less than one percent of the population. Look at how cute they are regardless of their condition.

#2. 2. Hey there little fellow. How are you doing this fine morning? Here’s a kiss.

#3. This isn’t as bizarre as it may appear. Cheetahs are shy animals that are difficult to get rid of. When these two animals are paired, the cheetah will try to imitate the behavior of the dog.

#4. . Remember Tom and Jerry? Well in this case they get along very well unlike in the cartoon.

#5. Sir can you please find somewhere else to rest on? It’s obstructing my vision.

#6. Who needs owners when we could nap like this? Am I right? Did you fall asleep already?

#7. Look at how cute these two are together. The cat rubbing its head against the dog’s face, and the smile on the dog’s face is priceless. What a rare sight to see.

#8. It’s fine guys! Stop resisting. She means well. I’ll be back soon.

#9. A friendship among species is always a sight for sore eyes. The expression on the dog’s face says it all. What a caring goose.

#10. Foxes and dogs are members of the same family, but they are actually quite different. Look at the way they smile, setting aside their differences. I think its fair to say that humans have plenty to learn from animals.

#11. Hey buddy, I never thought that you would come to see me again.

#12. I wish that one of us could get over this fence, so that we could play together.

#13. Even though goats and dogs are two different animals, they are highly domesticated and they typically get along very well.

#14. A baby pig and baby deer cuddled up together. You’d be lying if you said that this is not heartwarming.

#15. See how adorable both these puppies are, playing with a stick.