Photographer Puts Dogs And Their Owners Side By Side, And The Resemblance Is Uncanny

By: Anuradha

Have you ever come across with the saying ‘every dog resembles its owner’? Sometimes, you may feel it’s so hilarious, but if you really give it a thought you will see it’s so true. Maybe not by the appearance but from the things that your dog and the way it behaves. When your dog is too much stick to you, it will know exactly what you are going to do in your next move and it will also feel your moods and tempers.

However, British Photographer Gerrard Gethings did an amazing photo series to show that sometimes dogs resemble their masters not only in behavior but also in looks. He brought together dogs and their masters and by letting both owners and dogs pose in the same way, he drew an exact likeness between both parties. You may think it’s not possible to draw such a likeness between dogs and humans but I’m sure when you watch these pictures, you will clarify your doubts. What Gerrard has done was basically, using his creative eye and his talent for this work and honestly, the final products are just amazing.

The more you look at them, the funnier they will be and yeah, these pictures will be a good idea for a memory board game too. 

So, don’t be impatient just watch these pictures now and you will be able to play the game soon too!

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01. Benji and Harper (Schnoodle)

02. Sergi and Spike (Siberian Husky)

03. Henry and Hope (Afghan Hound)

04. Harry and Hattie (Spinone)

05. Francois and Antoine (French Bulldog)

06. Cenk and Horst (Schnauzer)

07. Jessica and Buddy (Bishon Frise)

08. Elle and Yasmine Le Bon (Puli)

09. Monica and Reggie (Chow Chow)

10. Charlotte and Caspar (Chinese Crested)