Photographer Captured The Friendship Between A Baby Gorilla And A Chimp

By. Thilini

Inter-species relationships have always been beautiful and heart-warming. And this story is no exception!

A photographer caught the cutest relationship between a baby gorilla and a chimp on camera. And we thank the photographer for bringing these amazing photos into our lives!

Image Credit & More Info: mpoliza/Instagram

The photographer is called Michael Poliza. The photos captured by him show the duo cuddling, playing, and being the best of friends!

A lot of babies in the animal kingdom do not discriminate. In fact, we have seen some amazing friendships between baby monkeys and tigers, puppies and tigers, and even a dog and an owl.

And this friendship seems to be so pure that it is overwhelming.

However, it is hard to say whether they will retain their friendship throughout their adulthood as well. As you know, gorillas can be very possessive and territorial, and quite aggressive sometimes too, especially when they get bigger and older.

They are used to roughhousing each other so for a smaller animal like a chimp, there is a risk that it may be dangerous.