Photographer Follows Squirrels With His Camera For 6 Years And Here Are Some Of His Best Shots!

By: Anuradha

Being a photographer requires a lot of patience, skill, and courage. You might have to stay in one position for hours and hours to get a single shot and even then, you would not be satisfied with what you got. It is an art of a different form and that is why it is so special to become one.

Geert Weggan is a Dutch/ Swedish international awarded photographer and he has specialized in photographing Red squirrels. His works have been published in many newspapers, books, calendars, and television all around the world and you may have come across with many of his photographs when you surf the internet.

6 years ago, Geert found a fox standing on his doorstep and he rushed inside to fetch some meat. Then fox started to visit him daily to get more food and he used these visits to add more photographs to his collection. At the end of two weeks, the fox would come to the balcony and where there were many of his props and it began to interact with those. Geert was next visited by a Russian bird and his balcony turned out to be a studio for many animals. It was filled with natural pops, cameras, mirrors and etc. Some of these photos that he took has even been awarded and published in many places.

It was at this time Red squirrels began to visit him. He could do wonders with them and now photographing them has even become his profession. Since last year, Geert has organized Squirrel workshops at his home and these work shops are organized 2 times a year when the young squirrels arrive.

So scroll down to see these wonderful photographs of Red squirrels and I am sure that you would love them a lot!

You can find more of his works in his Instagram