Photographer Captures The Dignified Portraits Of Stray Cats Which Shows Their Unique Beauty

By: Anuradha

Cats are some interesting creatures. There are millions of people who love cats and who would do anything to have a cat at home. If you have a cat at home, then you would know what a luxurious life he/she is having. You might prepare exclusive meals for your cat, it might have a special place to sleep and other than anything you might be giving your pure love totally to him.

But all cats’ destinies are not the same. There are a lot of felines out there who do not have a place to live, who do not have anything to live and these cats are often chased away by humans. Most of them think these cats to be spreading diseases, bringing ill luck and wild. However, it is important to know that everything in the world is having both a good and a bad side and the 19-year-old photographer Gabrielius Khiterer has presented a wonderful collection of stray cat photography which will make you think twice before chasing away a stray cat.    

This photoshoot features close-up shots of the creatures as they gaze into the camera. You can see the beauty and pride look on them despite the signs which show that they have been living on the streets for a long time. The torn ears and bruised faces show that they have been doing their best to survive and the dangerous situations that they are daily facing.

Khiterer wrote that “I looked at these photos and realized that stray cats look really interesting, not like regular, cute cats that we usually see”.

Most of the photographs were taken in the street of his hometown Vilnius, Lithuania and hope all these pictures will give you a much to think about!

Image Credit & More Info: Gabriel Khiterer | Gabrielius Khiterer

#1. The orange beauty.

#2. Poor soul.

#3. The two-colored cutie.

#4. Look at the teary eyes.

#5. Black beauty.

#6. The teeth.

#7. The little lazy.

#8. White beauty.

#9. Mr. Rude.

#10. I’m not fat!

#11. I am done.