Photographer Captures A Shy-At-First Baby Meerkat

By. Anuradha

Nature is full of wonderful species. Even though we are mostly familiar with cats, dogs, birds and other domestic species, several other species are not well-known to the human eye. It turns out that some of these species are too shy to face humans and the Japanese photographer Mamekoro, recently did a wonderful photoshoot of such a creature who is commonly known as meerkat.

Meerkats are mongoose like creatures and they are distinct from other animals in their group because of their ability to stand on their hind legs. You may have seen their replicas on animated movies and cartoons and perhaps you would even have seen them in real life. These creatures mostly live in the Kalahari desert in Botswana, Southwestern Angola in South America and the Namib Desert in Namibia. They are known for their shyness and cuteness and many people often make sure to visit meerkats whenever they pay a visit to the zoo.

Image Credit & More Info: mamekoro51

Generally, meerkats live in groups where there are more than twenty members and they have a life span around seven years. Given the threats to their lives from wild predators, this life span can distinctly be reduced, but when living in captivity they would live longer than that. They feed on insects and other animals and most of the young ones learn their dietary habits by mimicking the elders. Particularly, it is wonderful to see how the young ones manage to eat even venomous creatures like scorpions by observing and imitating their elders even at a very small age. However, when considering the wonders of nature, these genetical and biological features can be defined and identified as nature’s tricks for the better survival of its species.

So, after two or three weeks, the little meerkats leave their burrow and when looking at how cute and adorable they are, we are sure that you will end up loving these little guys.

So, if you enjoyed the pictures of a meerkat taken by this famous Japanese photographer and we hope you will enjoy this collection! This meerkat baby was shy to pose at first but you can see how photogenic he is!