Photographer Captured A Pig In Pink Tulips

By. Ran

“I usually photograph dogs in natural light settings but when the opportunity presented itself to photograph Fluffy the Therapy Pig I went bananas! We were lucky to find these delicate fresh pink tulips for her portraits (pink is her favorite color!).

It should come as no surprise that she draws a crowd wherever she goes and her photo session was no exception. Lots of “awwwww”s were heard, people stopped to take photos of her and would just smile as they crossed her path. One can only imagine the joy and support she brings to people’s lives as a therapy pig!”

Image Credit & More info: | Instagram

#1. She looks like an angel in the middle of all those pretty pink tulips.

#2. Oh, human this tulip is very fragrant to me!

#3. Look at those toes, aren’t they the cutest?

#4. She is such a photogenic poser.

#5. She does seem happy amidst the band of tulips to cheer her up.

#6. This probably is the cutest thing you are gonna see for this week!