28 Times People Accidentally Found Their Doppelgängers In Museums

Most of you don’t believe in time travel or doppelgangers. But what we are about to show you will surely change your mind. What we have here today is a collection of photographs that people snapped with their identical doppelgangers in old museum paintings. They are sure to make you question logic itself, so enjoy the photographs below.

#1. When you go to the museum with hopes of looking at artifacts and instead stumble across yourself.

Image Credit: Davidurbon

#2. The painter definitely predicted the future.

Image Credit: WreckedTangled

#3. Now I know how I would have looked if I was born during ancient times.

Image Credit: pepesilvia

#4. Just missing my armor.

Image Credit: Ross W. Duffin

#5. So this is what I would have looked like if I was a Samurai.

Image Credit: datman510

#6. At least now do you believe in time travel?

Image Credit: reddit

#7. I think I found my ancestor.

Image Credit: Unknown

#8. Do you still believe that doppelgangers don’t exist?

Image Credit: joahdato

#9. I am the head in the painting

Image Credit: Unknown

#10. Now, this is what you call staring at yourself.

Image Credit: Melbourneer

#11. Time to rethink our thoughts on reincarnation.

Image Credit: MrPaulieP

#12. The resemblance is uncanny.

Image Credit: Unknown

#13. Just need a dog to complete this picture.

Image Credit: racoon_goon

#14. The painting has come to life.

Image Credit: Davidurbon

#15. What a great example of evolution.

Image Credit: Todd Mansfield

#16. Basically the cartoon version of myself.

Image Credit: 1999n12y27

#17. Time travel does exist.

Image Credit: AlboUnderhill

#18. Retired from being a warrior and now I’m just a human holding a bottle.

Image Credit: Blor-Utar

#19. In case you haven’t seen Henry VIII in real form.

Image Credit: scrmedia

#20. Standing next to your self-portrait be like.

Image Credit: realbobsnyder

#21. The girl in the painting is like, “this woman just stole my dress”.

Image Credit: Unknown

#22. When the baby in the painting met the baby in real life.

Image Credit: hifrienditsme

#23. I used to be the cupid when I was a kid.

Image Credit: Itzakov

#24. Proof that fashion changes over time, but men remain the same.

Image Credit: ArdhaChandrasana

#25. Forgot to smile for the painting, so here I am doing it now.

Image Credit: DaytonArt

#26. Traveling back and forth through time is like.

Image Credit: Mike Kabler

#27. They said you have to change with time, so I got rid of that mustache.

Image Credit: John Walsh

#28. So this is how I looked in my past birth.

Image Credit: imgur