Morgan Freeman Chats with Jimmy Fallon While Sucking Helium

By. Anuradha

We all love actors and actresses. They make us forget all our miseries and sorrows and take us to another world through their different stories. Among all of the Morgan Freeman is an ever-time star! He was recently talked much about not because of his acting but because of his donation of one his lands to a bee sanctuary. He has proved his worth not only as an actor but also as a fellow human and that is why many people love him a lot.

However, in an episode of ‘The tonight show’ with Jimmy Fallon, Freeman had to face quite an unexpected challenge! Jimmy was curious about how Freeman would sound in helium and yeah, the Star had to accept the challenge!

When Jimmy began with “I do love your voice and everyone loves your voice. But I was wondering what your voice would sound on helium. I’ll do the same interview, I’ll just do it on helium”, no one might have thought the Star will do that! Even though he is still young in his heart, Freeman is a very respectable and dignified man and so no one would have thought the actor would accept to do something funny like that!

However, they both end up sucking helium balloons and at one point Freeman said, “I really shouldn’t be doing this. It’s very undignified!”

Despite, all those talks, their interview went well and it was funny as much as anyone would wish it to be!

In the video below you can see their funny interview and don’t forget to share it among your friends and show this other side of Freeman to the world!

Video credit: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon