Mom, Everything I Am Today Is Because Of You

By. Anuradha

We can create so many relationships with each other in life. Sometimes, those relationships can be blood-related, based on friendship and might even be based on professional links. However, no matter how strong or genuine these relationships are, nothing can ever beat the relationship between a mom and a daughter. Daughters understand their mother better when they become mothers and the love and affection they share is one of the most beautiful relationships in the world.

That is why I needed to thank my mom for all what she has done for me.

Mom, everything I am is because of you. everything I own will belong to you. you are the one who taught me to choose between the right and the wrong. Whenever I was baffled in life, you helped me to find the right path and guide me to achieve the best. You always taught me not to become a good person but to become better in everything I do. If that is not for the love and affection you showed, I would never become the person who I am today. 

You are the most beautiful soul I have met in my life. You are beautiful not only in the face but also in heart and my wish is to become someone like you one day. Wherever you are, that would be my home. You are my home and the only place I feel safe and fine.

The love, kindness, and affection you gave to me were endless. You never let me cry but sacrificed your smiles to make me smile and to keep me happy in my life. I will love you forever and I know no matter what I do, I can never repay all that you have done for me.

Please, keep in your mind no matter how old I become, I will never be old for your hugs. I will always look for you whenever I feel unsafe in my life. I know no matter what happens to me or no matter what I did, you will always be there for me.

I am proud of you I love you forever!