Meet Lotus, The Majestic, And Adorable Maine Coon Cat

By. Anuradha

Everyone who loves cats, also dream of having a Maine Coon cat. This breed is like the royalty among the cat world and of course, no one can’t compete with them in size or their majesty. Even though they appear to be bit threatening, with their massive body, they are of course so friendly and cute like any other cat and owning one will surely be such a privilege! So, we are going to show you such a magnificent cat that almost looks like a lion and you will surely fall in love with beauty!

Lotus is half cat, half a lion Maine Coon who owns a huge mane, fluffy paws, lynx-like ears, and a cotton candy-esque tail.  This Maine Coon is absolutely adorable and his owners decided to have an Instagram page for him just to share his beauty with others. as a result, now he has over 80,000 followers and yeah, that is, of course, a lot!

However, despite its elegance, Lotus also is silly and funny like any other cat and we collected some of his pictures to show his real nature! So, scroll down to see the pictures and don’t forget to share your favorite.

#1. A good day for a sunbathe!

#2. I am hungry!

#3. Don’t disturb me, please.

#4. Oh, again!

#5. Hey there!

#6. I am so sleepy!

#7. Now what?

#8. Us!

#9. Me helping mom to cook!

#10. The thug life!

#11. Oh noo!

#12. I am yawning!

#13. Let’s be silly together!

#14. Down by the river!

#15. Let’s play humans!

#16. This flower is for you!

#17. Food is late!

#18. The majesty!