Mama Bear Plays With Her 5 Adorable Cubs In A Children’s Playground

By. Anuradha

Just imagine how hard it would be to control children at a children’s park. They soon forget all their manners and start playing recklessly and all that you can do is sit patiently and watch all their movements. It turns out that it is not only our children but also bear cubs love immensely to play and unlike humans, bears do not need anyone’s permission to invade playgrounds! They play whenever and wherever they want and if you are someone from Ashville, in North Carolina, this sight might not be that surprising.

Ashville is known for its bear population and reports say that there are from 100-200 bears year-round among the population of 90,000 humans. They often roam in people’s backyards and you would see them having a snack from their dumpsters.

They also love to play and therefore, bears visiting children’s parks has become a common sight there. These bears love to be in the pool, try swings and if you spot a bear in your hammock, then don’t worry, the bear will move away once it’s done.

If you are someone from another corner of the world, black bears visiting your backyard might sound scary to you. But we can assure that these guys are so timid and even the barking of a little puppy can chase them away. According to the North American Bear Center researchers, they have never seen a black bear they couldn’t chase away.

So, we found many footages of bears playing in the backyards, and recently, one person posted this video with the caption “This was taken in our backyard. It is supposedly a mom and five cubs, two of which are supposed to be adopted from a different litter.”

We are sure that, these people must be enjoying this free bear show a lot and if you also happen to be in this area, then make sure your video cameras are switched on to capture these little buddies!