Love Requires Hard Work – You Can’t Just Leave When Things Get Tough!

By: Anuradha 

When we fall into someone, we have so many hopes about the life that we are going to have with that him/her. We look for a relationship in order to make us perfect. To make us feel alive and make our life more beautiful. We expect that our love will make both of us feel absolutely amazing and real love will make you realize so many things about your life that you will never have learned otherwise. You will feel that you are alive when you see a smile in your loved one’s face and that will always inspire you to look forward to the days and make all the days that you have to spend together unforgettable.

But, such a love requires a lot of effort. It requires a lot of sacrifices and patience.

Good relationships will never happen over a day.

You will have to alter your ways and mean to make your loved one happy. Sometimes, you will make compromises and try to put up with things that you might not personally enjoy. But, you have to do all those things as that is the way to move forward.

You don’t just leave whenever you experience a bit of drama.

Love won’t always be about sweet, happy and merry things. There will surely come times, that you might have felt like giving up the whole mess, but that is how life is. You can’t say you love him/her and try to leave when things go wrong. You are either there through thick and thin or you don’t get attached at all.

You have to accept the tears, pains, anger, drama, fights and all these bad, negative things in order to have better days. You have to get through the tough times somehow and the more you can tolerate all these, stronger your love will be.

Because when you truly love someone, you will never let a silly argument ruin the beautiful time you had together. You will never try to run off with the least inconvenience possible and you will never let your relationship to fall apart over something stupid.

When you truly love someone, you can actually sit down and talk until everything is settled.

You can cry, scream, fight or do whatever you want, but it should never end in a breakup. You should give them a chance to explain and you should say what actually you feel about things without pretending. You can talk unstill sunrises and night falls again but never give up on the one you truly love.

Not if you really care about them.

 Because when you truly love you will never give up on little inconveniences and never leave your loved one in their distresses. You will tolerate their stubbornness and try to be with them, till the things get on the right track. In a relationship what is most important is not who is right or wrong. It is more about understanding that agreement.

When you truly love, you will realize that it is all about sticking together through thick and thin and you will be happy and cool at the end of the day, no matter how hard things get.