This Little Japanese Girl And Her Pet Poodle Are Best Friends

By. Thilini

Mame is a little Japanese girl and Riku is a giant poodle. Mame’s grandmother documents their adorable friendship on Instagram, where the perfect pair has more than 500K followers. There are also two other dogs, Gaku and Qoo, But Mame and Riku seem to be particularly inseparable. In these photos, you can see how much they love each other.

Image Credit & More Info; instagram | H/T; boredpanda

#1. This right here is friendship goals.

#2. Let me introduce them to you first. This is Mame and Riku.

#3. The are from japan and they are the bestest of friends.

#4. Mame is a one-year-old.

#5. And Riku is her giant poodle.

#6. It is Mame’s grandmother who documents their adorable encounters on Instagram.

#7. And they have almost 80k followers.

#8. The have two other dogs named Gaku and Qoo.

#9. And Mame and Riku seem to have developed quite a special bond and are particularly inseparable.

#10. Whatever they do, they are together.

#11. Whether they are sleeping or playing or reading, they do it together.

#12. The duo seems to be apart from each other very rarely.

#13. All we wish is that we are also blessed with a friendship like this.

#14. And here is a fun fact.

#15. giant poodles, also known as royal poodles, are not actually a separate breed of poodles.

#16. They are just poodles who grew up to be giant!

#17. Some of them weigh more than 60 pounds (27kg).

#18. You can find more photos of them on Instagram.

#19. This is their big family.