Jingle Bells, Laughing Version For Happy Holidays

By: Anuradha 

Nothing can be great as a good laugh and when some sprinkles of Christmas is added, that would be more than being perfect! You might wonder why we are talking about laughing and Christmas all of a sudden if you are someone who could not listen to the laughing Christmas song.

We all have heard the famous ‘Jingle Bells’ song and some guys have remade the song not with anything else but with laughs! Instead of singing, they laugh to the tune and anyone who watches it also ends up laughing as it is really funny! Even the guys who are laughing in the video seem to be genuinely enjoying their laugh and that is the spirit of real Christmas if we really give it a thought.

Nowadays, Christmas has become a festival of much celebrations and parties and that will be okay if you have the means to spend like a king. There are a lot of people out there on streets who look at the beautiful decorations in the streets and enjoy their Christmas silently as they cannot afford delicious meals or beautiful clothes. But no matter where you belong in the social ladder, we all have one thing in common and that is the laughter!

We can give a pleasant smile to a random stranger that we meet up on the street and that will surely make them feel special and make their day a better one. If you are someone who is willing to help others, then you can also help the needy ones by offering some good things or anything that you want.

So, even though it seems a funny video filled with laughter, the Christmas song of these two guys also add more meaning to Christmas and while watching it also put a mental note to laugh with someone and make their day a better one!

So, Merry Christmas everyone!