Inside The Narcissist’s Wicked Mind And Their Make-Believe World Of Illusions

By: Anuradha

Narcissists are there everywhere. You will find narcissists among your friends, your loved ones and maybe even in your family or working place. You will quickly get attached to them as they will always be there for you whenever you need them. They will be the first one to lift you up when you feel down and you will always find comfort in them. But, this is only the first phase.

You will know their real face only when you get trapped in their mesh and by then you can be too late.

Their methods are totally deceptive. First, they will wait till that right moment where you are so down and feel bad and then they will come to offer their support and will provide you the encouragement to get on to your feet that you desperately look for.

When you started to believe in them, everything will change in a single second. They will no longer be pleasant or cool but will tear you down in a ruthless way. The worst thing is that you will not have the courage to rise against this wickedness because you have been trained only to trust them and not to stand against them.

They will say horrible things directly in front of your face and you will not dare say anything against that as you have been convinced by them that they have the right to do so. They will keep on lying and deceiving you and you will not try even to say anything against them.

When you finally get the courage to say something, they will immediately consider it as a huge fault and all your words will be turned back to you like an emotional boomerang. They will make you feel bad for saying such things about them and because of this, you will learn to shut up even when you can’t tolerate all that they are doing.

Even when you try to share your distress with others, they will not believe you as your agony is known only by you. other people might even worry why you say such nasty things about such a good person who has helped you a lot in your moment of need. That is because this is the impression that narcissists have created in the outer world and others will not possibly be aware of what is actually happening between you two.

The only good thing that can happen from this mess is that you will learn to know the real face of the narcissist. You will understand that their self- confidence and self-worth were just mere pretentions and that they actually don’t have a good personality.

Deep within themselves, they are the ones who are mostly jealous and broken and that is why they try to impact other people’s lives just to feel better.

So, if you are trapped in a narcissist’s mesh, the only thing you have to do is to resist their influence and try to move away from them as soon as possible. You will need a lot of courage for that but the effort will surely worth it!