INFJ – An Insight to the Rarest Personality Type in the World

By: Anuradha

INFJ are known as “The advocates”. They have been recorded to have a higher EQ and often known to be mysterious. The discussion about them has become quite viral as it is considered to be the rarest personality type which comprise of 2% in the world.

The Myers-Briggs Type indicator which was made in 1940’s by mother and daughter, Isabel Myers and Katherine Briggs talks about various types of personality traits. This was created in the basis of the typological theories of psychoanalyst Carl Jung. This test divides every individual into four categories as; sensing Vs. Intuition, Extroversion vs. Introversion, Thinking Vs. feeling and judging Vs. Perceiving. INFJ are the ones whose character display the sides of introverted, intuitive, feeling and judging.

These are the most prominent character traits of INFJ personalities.

1. It is not easy to spot these people as they are very reserved.

2. They make loyal and empathetic friends, exceptional leaders and good workers even if they are introvert. They value the good of the world.

3. They often feel lonely and different for no reason at all. They don’t have many friends who think alike and therefore, most of the times they keep things to themselves.

4. They are a mixed of emotional and logical values and they hardly like to waste time on inauthentic things. They value quality over quantity.

5. Their full of warmth and love. Even a stranger would be attracted to them because of their friendly and easy going nature. They are very good listeners and will try their best to help the ones in need.

6. They are empathetic. They can understand things and feel things in a more accurate way than others and they tend to analyse people easily.

7. They always value genuine and real things in the world. They don’t like to see people deceiving them and when they have such experiences, they would immediately knock off the ones who are not up-to their standards. They are capable of spotting a lie in few seconds.

8. They are introvert. But, many think them to be extrovert. They are capable of mingling with people, be the spirit of the party yet they would lose all this energy soon. They would do these sorts of things just to blend with others whereas their real self prefers to be excluded from everything.

9. They have a deep rooted set of ideals that won’t vary over time.

10. They may have thousands of acquaintances but whom they consider to be real friends is handful. They would involve in all social gatherings where their presence is required, but what they actually prefer is to be alone with few friends.

11. They don’t like small talk. They prefer to engage in deep and much meaningful conversations.

12. INFJ’s are people pleasers. They plan everything even to the minute detail and sometimes become easily depressed and anxious.

13. They are often creative writers as they have a gift of a language. They explain things in their pens far better than what they say and try to spend their time alone in their own world of imagination.

14. They look at things with heart and not with mind. They decide things based on what they feel and ignore all analytical details.

15. They are deep thinkers. They like to reflect about what they have thought for their life and the world around them.

16. They always opt for the bigger picture. They plan things ten steps ahead and in this vigour, sometimes forget to concern about the present.

17. INFJ’s are natural fixers. They always look for the ones who have the need and try to fix up the broken things.

18. They search for the life-long relationships. They would be single even for a large period of time, just waiting for the best match.