Husky Saves The Life Of A Little Kitten And They Are Now Best Friends

By. Neluka

The Husky dog breed has got a beautiful, thick coat the comes in various colors and shades. Huskies are famous for their blue or multi-colored eyes that strike us at a glance and are authentic to the Siberian breed.

For those who are interested in a tranquil dog to settle with on the couch during the evening and maybe enjoy a short rendez-vous around the block, multiple times a week, the Siberian Husky isn’t a match and the same goes for those looking for a devoted companion who loves to please and hangs about his owner’s word of mouth.

On the contrary, for people who want a dog like a partner or a friend, who will love children, greet guests with a smile and wag and get along with other dogs and most importantly, for those ready and willing to provide consistent leadership and plenty of vigorous exercises every day, then a Siberian Husky will be a joy and the perfect match.

A two-week-old cat who was found at its death bed was rescued immediately by Lilo the adorable husky. She was named “lily” afterward and it was witnessed that both of them shared a tight bond. The husky eventually began to shower her unlimited love and care towards the little kitten and to quote the owner of the husky, she stated on her Instagram.

“She almost did not make it through the first night. Our cute kitten was quite lethargic and limp and therefore we decided to go out on a stroll and let her cuddle with our little husky dog Lilo,”

They became an inseparable duo ever since.

This video is about their story!

Image Credit & More Info; lilothehusky/instagram | youtube