Hummingbird Flies Into Woman’s Workshop Asking For Help

One day as artist Chloe Barcelou was occupied with her work at her studio located in New England, she came to realize that she was in the presence of someone. When she looked around the studio, she noticed a green hummingbird that was less than the size of her palm. The creature seemed to be distressed and perched beside Chloe.

Chloe felt that the tiny bird had come to her because he required help. Even though the human had previously seen hummingbirds flying around the neighborhood gardens, this was her first up-close encounter. She was mesmerized by the hummingbird’s beauty but also could not help wondering why the bird was all alone.

“I felt surprised to see him in our workshop, but also a bit worried for him because I knew right away he was stuck,” Chloe conveyed. The creature was in desperate need of help. Chloe and her partner made a mixture out of sugar and water and gave it to the hummingbird using a spoon. The bird drank the mixture and seemed to enjoy it. The hummingbird slowly began to open his eyes after two minutes passed by. It was clear that the creature had regained his energy.

After filling his belly up to satisfy his hunger, the bird then flew away. Chloe was glad that she was able to help out the poor animal and that he returned to where he rightfully belonged. “I was also excited, in the back of my mind, to be having such a close-up encounter with a hummingbird. It looked like a little fairy!” expressed the human.

The day after this incident took place, Chloe observed the same hummingbird flying around her house as if to show his gratitude for coming to his assistance during a time of need. According to Chloe, “It just seemed fitting that it would have come back and said thank you!” We are so happy about Chloe for having saved the tiny bird’s life. Scroll below to have a look at the images and footage of the whole incident.

Image Credit & More Info; chloebarcelou/Instagram