Finnish Photographer Proves The Beauty Of Forests In Finland

By: Anuradha

What comes to your head first when you hear about Finland? That can possibly be cold weather, darkness, and secret forests. But, Finland photographer Ossi Saarinen, has released a wonderful photo album that would surely change your idea about Finland. He has captured some breath-taking photos of Finland wilderness and I am sure that you would fall in love with all of these pictures!

Finland is a country that is covered with forests and almost three-quarters of the lands are approximately covered with vegetation. You can even see the Northern Light from the Arctic Lapland province and there are a lot of national parks and ski resorts. It can be the best tourist destination for a nature lover and if you are someone who looks forward to have a natural retreat, then you can surely visit Finland on your next vacation. It even ranked first in the 2016 Environmental performance index.

Ossi has captured the true essence of wildlife in his camera and you would instantly fall in love with each of them. The pictures of squirrels, deer, bears, owls and many other creatures are more like a depiction an of the fairy world. His selection of backgrounds along with the colors of animals seems quite amazing as all the pictures are really picturesque. He has clicked at the exact moment and Ossi must surely be someone who is really patient and who has a good taste of life.

So, scroll down and enjoy the true beauty of Finland. These pictures will surely give a new definition to the country because they clearly show how beautiful the land actually is apart from all what we have heard so far. You can share this among your friends and ask them to reserve dates for next vacation!

More info: Ossi Saarinen

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