Meet Fen Fen, The Adorable Cat Who Has The Chubby Cheeks

Humans have a strong preference towards animals that are chubby and find such creatures to be adorable. The chubby cat in our story is no different. This cat is a combination of cute, fluffy, and big. Therefore, we thought of sharing his photographs with the rest of the world for everyone to admire him. We guarantee you that you will fall in love with this ball of fluff after one quick glimpse.

Fen Fen can be labeled an exotic shorthair cat who is taking the internet by storm due to his chubby cheeks. Apparently, he is owned by the Pink Pig Cattery in Shanghai. At first glance, it might seem like someone trimmed Fen Fen’s cheeks in a manner that accentuates his chubby cheeks. We should not forget to mention that Fen Fen is majestic and fluffy as well. So how can someone not fall in love with him after one look at his pictures?

It goes without question that Fen Fen’s chubby cheeks make him appear adorable. But it is also important to acknowledge the fact that feline obesity can lead to various health issues such as diabetes, arthritis (joint pain), and skin disease. This is why we hope that his owner takes very good care of him in order to ensure that Fen Fen lives a healthy and comfortable life.

His small eyes also add to his cuteness. It is also apparent that Fen Fen is quite the experienced poser when it comes to taking photographs.

Some of his pictures depict him all dressed up for the shoot, whereas other pictures depict him with his mouth open as if he is yawning. What are your thoughts on chubby animals?