Why Empaths Act Strange Around Inauthentic People

Empaths are emotionally sensitive people who absorb the feelings and emotions of other people. This is not that good as empaths are talented on identifying your weak points and use them against you. Sometimes when you spent sometimes with someone, you will feel that person to be charming and nice. But, when you get closer physically, you will identify a whole different face. You would feel so gross and dull instantly. This is because your emphatic antenna senses that something is not right. You will feel what you see does not match with what is undercurrent and therefore, you will feel a sense of fickleness.

We cannot fake around highly sensitive people as they identify the genuine from fake immediately. They are gifted at reading body language and energy. So even empaths will have to fake with others in certain occasions, if they need to survive in the world. This is the general truth of the world.

Here we have listed out some situations that will cause you to feel drained, if you are an empath;
  • Someone forcing others to do what he wants so, at the end all ending up doing what he/she wants.
  • Someone showing a nice smile on face but, is really dying with anger underneath.
  • Someone who try to put a brave face but feels very insecure inside.
  • Someone who forces themselves to follow certain things that will goes against their personality.
  • Someone who constantly says nice things to gain acceptance.
  • Someone who exaggerate things to get other’s attention.
After experiencing these sorts of situations, an empath would act in this way;
  • Will avoid these people. It’s not that he/she has done anything wrong to these people. But, they just don’t get good vibes.
  • It will be hard for empaths to talk friendly and logically with these people as they know the hidden intentions.
  • Empaths would feel uncomfortable around other fake people.
  • Feeling physically ill after spending long times with inauthentic people.
  • Feeling sense of helplessness and empty.

It is not easy to hide our pain and sufferings from the outer world all the time. Life would be much easier if we can be direct and honest. Being highly sensitive or being empaths will also be a hard task as empaths feel easily down by negative aspirations. So try to be mild and try to face everything with a neutral heart.