Dog Loves The Beach So Much She Can’t Stop Jumping For Joy

By. Mahesh

When I was a small child, I recall the first time I went to the beach. I was so pleased about this new, beautiful environment that I began to jump out of joy literally. An enthusiastic dog reacts exactly the same way, and not only once, but every time they visit this sandy spot.

Unlike any other ordinary dog, Tofu was something special and full of life. She was always such a sassy dog, who could not disguise her joy from the new adventures she experiences. The way she reacts to her favorite destination every time she visits – the beach – it’s just pure happiness for her. She is Exhilarated each time.

Moreover, the manner Tofu lets out her feelings always make people around her smile. After all, it’s hard not to laugh when you see a euphoric like herself! First, Ashleigh MacPherson was somewhat embarrassed about the first reaction of her furry buddy when she saw the sea, but soon she got used to that. Ultimately, she made peace with it as it’s something she can be proud of to see her dog that happy and not every owner can make it happen.

Tofu’s mother told The Dodo that, “She is still barking like crazy. “It seems like her favorite place to visit is the beach. The faces of the people who pass us by as we are on the beach, lights up with joy as they see Tofu enjoying the beach.

The furry sibling of Tofu or even the other dogs at the beach just can’t keep it up with her up, no matter how much they try to do so. Tofu’s love for the beach is special. The proud mother remarked, “My other dog was trying to enter, but her skills in jumping weren’t so great. “The other dogs we walked with didn’t seem to know what to do with this crazy, jumpy, loud, fox-looking dog.”

It is really pleasant to watch a dog like Tofu enjoy something so ecstatically.

Image Credit & More Info; Ashleigh Macpherson | H/T; thedodo